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Tsukasa Ito - Floating
AOKI, hayato - equivalent (Grainfield)
Jonny Nash - Phantom Actors (Melody As Truth)
Tom Wolgers - Hommage (IVM)
Gigi Masin - Talk To The Sea (Music From Memory)
Lewis - Romantic Times (Light In The Attic)
Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia - At the Last Gate (Savitor)
Stefano Delù - Chitarre Solo I + II
Pierre Mariétan - Musique d’Eté (Poly-Art International)
stilllife - 夜のカタログ (Ethnorth Gallery)
David Chatton Barker - MISCII, Twelve Stations (Folklore Tapes)
The Change Ringing Handbell Group - Changing Ringing on Handbells (Saydisc)
わたしの音響史 効果マンの記録  岩淵東洋男著 (社会思想社)



Another Fine Day ‎- Life Before Land (Beyond)
Laurence Crane - Chamber Works, 1992-2009 (Another Timbre)
Mushi & Lakansyel - Koté Ou? (Zekle Music)
Nick Storring - Gardens (Scissor Tail)
Pablo's Eye ‎– Barcelona, Architects Of (Celsius Blanco Records)
Roger Doyle - Budawanny (Atlantean Records)
Thalassing - Thalassing (Clay Pipe Music)
Dubby - Mitamine Lab ML155
Gigi Masin - Wind (The Bear On The Moon Records)
Vito Ricci - I Was Crossing A Bridge (Music From Memory)
The Phantom & Marek Pędziwiatr - Baltic Beat Live at Unsound Festival
サウンドとメディアの文化資源学 境界線上の音楽  渡辺裕著 (春秋社)



Becker / Stegmann / Zeumer - Ich Träume So Leise Von Dir (Music From Memory)
Conrad Setó - Joc De Dames (Audiovisuals De Sarrià)
Roberto Scarpa & Alessandro Bedendo - Insieme (Explora)
hofli - 木漏れ日の消息 (PNdB-atelier)
Leo Svirsky ‎- Heights in Depths (Catch Wave Ltd.)
Julius Eastman ‎- Femenine (Frozen Reeds)
Kim Myhr - Milk Run Sky EP (Hubro)
Orior ‎- Strange Beauty (DDS)
Ramzi - For Haku (Rvng Intl.)
Chi ‎- The Original Recordings (Astral Industries)
Andreas Martin - Doppelpunkt Vor Ort (Robot Records)
Wilson Tanner - 69 (Growing Bin Records)
Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft ‎– MAT7 (Melody As Truth)
Bartosz Kruczyński - Baltic Beat (Growing Bin Records)
va bblisss
Little Blue Nothing: a portrait of Vojtech and Irena Havlovi (Petites Planètes)
Ambient House: The Story of Chill Out Music, 1988-1995 (Red Bull Music Academy)



Matthew Hayes - Indigo (Analogue Attic Recordings)
Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft ‎- Passive Aggressive (Melody As Truth)
Visible Cloaks - Reassemblage + Translations mixtape (RVNG Intl.)
Joseph Shabason - Aytche (Western Vinyl)
Royo - The Sea of Tranquillity / Leave the windows open and sing
John Etnier - Performance (Disques Dual)
Michel Banabila ‎- Sound Years (Tapu Records)
菅谷昌弘 - アレッホ 風を讃えるために (Pappa TARAHUMARA)
Edson Natale - Nina Maika (NPA Records)
Franco Nanni ‎- Elicoide (Affordable Inner Space)
Elko B. - I Bambini Di Basilisco (Ekster)
Smagghe & Cross ‎– MA (Offen Music)
Mr. YT - Brand New Day (Apollo Records)
va Welcome To Paradise: Italian Dream House 89-93 (Safe Trip)
砂の楽園  エドワード・アビー著  越智道雄訳 (東京書籍)



Hear & Now ‎– Aurora Baleare (Claremont 56)
Kaoru Inoue - Em Paz (Groovement Organic Series)
Dizrhythmia - Dizrhythmia (Antilles New Directions)
Michel Banabila ‎– VoizNoiz: Urban Sound Scapes (Steamin' Soundworks)
Iury Lech - Otra Rumerosa Superficie (Utopia Records)
va Midday Moon (Bedroom Suck Records)
Pier Luigi Andreoni & Francesco Paladino ‎- Aeolyca (Soave)
G. B. Beckers - Walkman (Music From Memory)
Ezra Feinberg ‎- Pentimento And Others (Related States)
Nick Storring - My Magic Dreams Have Lost Their Spell
Matthew Hayes & Joel Trigg - Elegant Universe (Ken Oath Records)
Takao - Stealth (EM Records)
The Primitive Painter ‎- The Primitive Painter (Klang Elektronik)
Marc Moulin ‎- Mæssage (J'M2)
Seigen Ono - Lucasfilm Games (Meldac)
エレベーター・ミュージック・イン・ジャパン 日本のBGMの歴史  田中雄二著(DU BOOKS)



Steve Khan & Rob Mounsey - Local Color (Denon)
Santilli - Surface (Into The Light Records)
Steve Hiett - Girls In The Grass (Efficient Space)
Shinsuke Honda - Banka (Alpha Enterprise)
Checkfield - A View From The Edge (American Gramaphone)
Simon Stockhausen - Floating Free (UBM Records)
Takero Ogata - Quiet Will (Tom Musique)
Golden Ivy - Kläppen (Malmö Inre)
Winfried Mühlum-Pyrápheros - Musica Nova Contemplativa (Blume)
Scott Gailey - Polysensuality (Séance Centre)
Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano - Serenitatem (Rvng Intl.)
OCA - Aging (Métron Records)
va Long Distance Vol. 1 (Ambient Assistance)
ind_fris - Sink in (Scaffolder Recordings)
Space Ghost - Aquarium Nightclub (Tartelet Records)
月刊ラティーナ 2019年11月号 So Quiet ~静寂のための音楽~(Latina co.,ltd.)



Chari Chari - We Hear The Last Decades Dreaming (Seeds And Ground)
Leo Takami - Felis Catus And Silence (Unseen Worlds)
Shabason, Krgovich & Harris - Philadelphia (Idée Fixe)
va Wound Without A Tear (Daisart)
Karel Arbus & Eiji Takamatsu - Some Backland Plaza (Jansen Jardin)
Kenkou - Everlasting Dreams (Music Conception)
Flicker Tone - Muktinath (Music Conception)
Silent Dream mixed by Eitetsu Takamiya (Flower Records)
Flipside - Inside (Horizon)
Shinsuke Honda - Silence (ALTY) / Keiryu (Lab)
Randy Honea - Still Life (Southern Living Records)
Kyle Jameson - View From Above
va NuLeaf (Numero)
Jet Stream Tokyo FM 80.0MHz



Adrian Knight - Damn The Flood (Regional Attraction)
Scott Orr - Oh Man (Other Songs)
Max Essa - Miró In The Bathroom (Jansen Jardin)
Angophora - Together (Music For Dreams)
James McAlister - Scissortail (37d03d)
222 - Song For Joni (Flower Noise)
Picture Music - Picture Music
広橋真紀子 - 集中力~シータ波による脳活性 (Della)
Tomoki Kanda - Landscape Of Smaller's Music (Crue-L Records)
Guyun Y Su Grupo - Canta Elisa Portal (Disco Caramba)
The Bible - Eureka Expanded 2CD Edition (Cherry Red)
ザ・ブルー・ナイル 知られざる英国音楽の至宝 アラン・ブラウン著 長山晃訳(DU BOOKS)



The Zenmenn & John Moods - Hidden Gem (Music From Memory)
Fresh Pepper - Fresh Pepper (Telephone Explosion Records)
Shabason & Krgovich - At Scaramouche (Ideé Fixe)
The Aluminum Group - The Aluminum Group
Devonsquare - Walking On Ice (Atlantic)
The Big Picture - The Homeless House (Terminal Records)
Other Lands - Archipelagos (Athens Of The North)
Calm - Quiet Music Under The Moon (Music Conception)
The Sweet Enoughs - Marshmallow (Wondercore Island Records)
Moon Mullins - Water Your Flowers (Ruination Record Co.)
Time is Away - Ballads (A Colourful Storm)
St.GIGA Tide of Sound: A dream shade falls A
随想 夏井川 田村栄一郎著 (夏井川堤の景観を創る会)