[861] António Emiliano - Fausto, Fernando, Fragmentos

Label: Transmedia

Catalog#: TJLP 008
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Portugal
Released: 1988

A1 Alegres Camponeses

A2 A Inocência Perdida
A3 Pairo À Beira De Mim
A4 O Único Mistério Do Universo
A5 Quando Eu Morrer
A6 Febre
B1 Melodia Vaga
B2 A Vingança Dos Servos
B3 O Mundo Volta A Ser Do Pensamento
B4 Teçamos O Pano Da Vida
B5 Filho Das Trevas, Filho Da Noite

[CNM CD edition] *addtional track

1 O suspiro do mundo (The Sigh of the World)* 2:24
2 Alegres camponeses (Merry Peasants) 3:06
3 A inocencia perdida (Lost Innocence) 3:31
4 Pairo a beira de mim (I Hover Beside Myself) 3:22
5 Fecha as portas da alma (Close the Gates of Your Soul)* 2:13
6 Amo como o amor ama (I Love as Love Itself Loves)* 5:03
7 O unico misterio do universo (The Only Misery of the Universe) 2:39
8 Quando eu morrer (When I Die) 2:30
9 Febre (Fever) 5:04
10 Melodia vaga (Faint Melody) 3:14
11 A vinganca dos servos (The Servant's Revenge) 2:34
12 O mundo volta a ser do pensamento (The World Again Returns to Mind) 2:49
13 Tecamos o pano da vida (Let Us Weave the Fabric of Life) 4:59
14 Filho das trevas. Filho da noite (Son of Darkness. Son of the Night) 4:06

演劇/バレエ/映画のための音楽を数多く手掛けているリスボンのピアニスト/作曲家António Emiliano(アントニオ・エミリアーノ)。LPに編集された劇伴音楽仕事のひとつ「ファウスト、フェルナンド、フラグメントス」は、ポルトガル出身の詩人/作家Fernando Pessoa(フェルナンド・ペソア)のテキストの基づく作品で、Ricardo Pais(リカルド・パイス)の演出によりマリア2世国立劇場で公演されたシアター・パフォーマンスのための楽曲を収録。地中海からアラブ、アフリカのエッセンスが交叉するスピリチュアルな器楽、ときに雨や雷鳴などの音を背景に、作詞家/ヴォーカリストFilipa Pais(フィリパ・パイス)が歌い上げる憂いに満ちた歌曲が交互に並べられ、悠久の時の中で刻々と変化する、土と潮の薫り漂う民の風景を描くように、光影、静動のコントラスト豊かに構成。中でもA3やA5、B1といった穏やかな曲が特に素晴らしいです。LP盤は88年、ポルトガル国内でRough Tradeなど海外のインディペンデント・レーベル作品を流通していたTransmediaからのリリース。2012年には、Amália Rodriguesをはじめファドの作品を多くリリースしているレーベルCNMより、3トラックを追加収録したCDが再発されています。



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[860.1] Éliane Radigue - Le son et le sens

Interview Eliane Radigue par Alain Amiel, août 2011
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[860] Vito Ricci - Rain Drops Music In My Ears

Label: Say No More Music
Catalog#: -
Format: CDR, Album
Country: US
Released: 2005

1. Rain Drops Music In My Ears 42:40

Arthur RussellやPeter Zummo、Peter GordonらがいたNYダウンタウンの前衛シーンの中で、室内楽/電子音楽作品の作曲、フリージャズの演奏家や詩人とのセッション、ガレージッシュなロック・バンドなどで活動し、ダンス・カンパニーCreation Production Companyの劇伴音楽ではミニマリスティックな音響/アンビエント作品を手掛けている作曲家Vito Ricci(ヴィト・リッチ)。「Rain Drops Music In My Ears」はオンラインで出会った同タイトルにインスピレーションを得たという作品で、ある嵐の日、自宅の天窓で録音した雨の音を基にしたエレクトロアコースティック。屋根を打ちつける雨、洗濯機のモーターのように動止をくり返す低音、採音と同調する程度の淡薄なエレクトロニクスに、ピアノ音をポツポツと配置。採音に演奏を加える手法は、83年の"Da Hamptons"(Postones)など初期作品とも共通していますが、今作では発展性は控えめに、より静穏な風景を描いています。


An artist who has been called "a composer of moody and elegant scores" by the Village Voice, "sensual and driving" by Other Stages and "elegant and snappy" by the New York Times, Vito Ricci has been on the leading edge of the downtown music scene since 1979.
During his thirty-year-plus career, Mr. Ricci has scored over fifty productions including concert music, theater, dance, performance, film and video. His collaborative works include partnerships with Bob Holman, Martin Goldray, Rashied Ali, Flux Quartet, Jacob Burkhardt, Lise Vachon, and The Woster Group. Performances of his works have been produced at The Skyball Theater, The Public Theater, Greenwich Music House, Cooper Union, Roulette, The Knitting Factory, St. Marks Church, The Performing Garage, the Walker Arts Center and the Southern Theater, both in Minneapolis, and the Sedgwick Cultural Center in Philadelphia.
Mr. Ricci has been the recipient of grants from ASCAP, Meet The Composer, The National Endowment For The Arts and Queens Council on the Arts. He has studied with Ursula Mamlok, Eleanor Cory and Ornette Coleman, and has released CDs of solo piano music, electronic works, song cycles, improvisations and string quartets.
Recent accomplishments include a 6 month residency at the Bowery Poetry Club. Having a two hour radio show by Gandalf on WJFF devoted to his music. Composing the music for and producing the "The Awesome Whatever" a CD by poet Bob Holman. Scoring 4 movies: "Arid Lands", a documentary by Josh Wallaert and Grant Aake, "Murdered" by Terry Ross, "Days Gone By" by John Zhao, "Herbron Holiday" by Jacob Burkhard. Recording a CD of his string quartets "I Don't Know Who I Am" by the Flux Quartet. Producing Lise Vachon's CD "Vocalise", scoring "Philosophies" for the Complexions Contemporary Ballet which went on to tour the world, and the premiering of the "Cicada Journal" with Steve Dalachinsky at Roulette. An electronic chamber opera, "HELP", was commissioned by the Queens Council on the Arts.
Vito Ricci's leading edge instinct and creativity have made him a vital and prolific composer of illuminating and compelling works. Infused with poignancy and honesty, his music has the power to linger in the listener's memory. - Vito Ricci / Composer: Bio

Musique D'ameubliement (2001)

Cicada Music (2002)

Postones (1983)


[859] Dr. Rob - Balearic Social Radio: Guest Mix

mix for Balearic Social Radio
Broadcast 9.3.14

calm filled with affectionvery impressed.

[858] Mark Banning - Journey To The Light

Label: Students Of Decay
Catalog#: SOD104
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 2014

A1 Everlasting Moments 23:33

B1 A Sea Of Glass 23:25

Recorded in northern California in 1984 and released in a micro edition by the Creative Sound imprint in January of the following year, “Journey to the Light” is a true lost gem of private issue New Age music, an album that is more spoken about than heard and deserves to be recognized alongside established classics of the genre. For too long it has languished out of print and been nearly impossible to come by, occasionally popping up in private auctions only to be snatched up by savvy collectors. Performed with processed electric guitar, zither, voice, and field recordings, it is unabashedly beautiful music- two sidelong pieces that feel as though they may have always existed, hanging in the air like a morning fog over the Pacific. For as archetypal to the genre as Banning’s compositions might appear to be, it would be remiss not to comment on their singular nature, on what sets them apart from those works to which one would be inclined to compare them. Indeed, Banning’s music has a seriousness and intensity that was absent from much of the New Age scene as it existed in the early ’80s. The album’s first piece, “Everlasting Moments,” charts a course somewhere between the weblike guitar cycles of Manuel Gottsching and the buoyant minimalism of Terry Riley. “A Sea of Glass” constructs itself similarly but navigates even calmer waters, providing the listener with a sensuous tapestry of ever-evolving guitar drones and radiant zither filigree. These heady, oddly prescient recordings were uncovered by New Age historian/figurehead Douglas Mcgowan (Yoga Records) and will appeal as much to fans of drone and ambient music as to those enamored with labyrinthine annals of American private press records, New Age as such, or with the recent renaissance of synthesizer-based experimental music. Remastered for presence and clarity by James Plotkin, we’re proud to offer up the definitive edition of Mark Banning’s transportive masterwork. - Students of Decay



[857] Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia - At The Last Gate

Label: Savitor
Catalog#: SVT 007
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Poland
Released: 1984

A1 Opening Act 1:25

A2 Forgotten Prayer 3:50
A3 Dancing In The Wind 4:15
A4 Stream 3:40
A5 November, 1st In New York 4:15
B1 Rondo Con Fuoco 3:25
B2 Descending 5:55
B3 Again & Again 1:50
B4 At The Last Gate 5:45

ポーランド出身の作曲家Jan A.P. Kaczmarek(ヤン・A・P・カチュマレク)と、ポリッシュ・ロック/ジャズシーンの名手Krzysztof Ścierański(クシシュトフ・シチェラニスキ)により結成され、1977年から89年の活動期間中に4枚のアルバムを発表したポズナンの器楽アンサンブルOrkiestra Ósmego Dnia(Orchestra Of The Eighth Day)の2作目。同年に優れたソロ作を発表しているŚcierańskiのギター/フレットレス・ベースの腕前はもとより、このサウンドを特徴付けているのはFisher's Fidola(Fidola Fischera)と呼ばれるユニークな弦鳴楽器フィドラ/コンサート・マンドリネッテ。後にアカデミー賞作曲賞を受賞した「Finding Neverland」をはじめ、数々のフィルムスコアを手掛けているKaczmarekは、当時このフィドラの唯一の奏者として活動し、NiewczykのConcert Fidola製作にも関わっていたようです。本作でもフォーク/ジャズを基調にした演奏に、アコースティック・シンセサイザーとも称されるFisher's Fidolaがもつ多辺的な音響が引き出され、随所に効果的に導入されています。キツツキのドラミングやヒタキの声が響く森のサウンドスケープの幕開けから、弓弾きのフィドラが荘厳な祈りの空間を生み出すA2、フィドラのグリッサンドとアルペジオ、ギターのハーモニクス、フレットレス・ベースが美しく絡み合う夢見心地のアンビエンスA4など、インストゥルメント各々が響きの境界を浸食しながら、穏やかにひとつの像を結ぶA面の構成が素晴らしいです。