[259] va América Invertida

Label: Vampisoul
Catalog#: VAMPI205
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Country: Spain
Released: 2019

A1 Desencanto - Contraviento

A2 Tras Tus Ojos - Jaime Roos Y Estela Magnone
A3 De Los Relojeros - Eduardo Darnauchans
A4 Kabumba - Hugo Jasa
A5 El Chi-Li-Ban-Dan - Eduardo Mateo
B1 En Este Momento - Travesía
B2 Capítulos - Mariana Ingold
B3 Llamada Insólita - La Escuelita
B4 Y El Tiempo Pasa - Hugo Jasa
B5 Bombinhas - Leo Masliah Y Jorge Cumbo
B6 A Ustedes - Fernando Cabrera

Synth ambiences, acoustic landscapes, deep songwriting, and subtle candombe percussions combine in most of the musical output released in Uruguay during the '80s. A very unique sound was developed within the narrow boundaries of Montevideo, the country's capital city, by just a small group of very talented artists. These sounds reverberated in singer-songwriting (Eduardo Darnauchans, Fernando Cabrera, Estela Magnone), jazz fusion approximations (Hugo Fattoruso's La Escuelita), experimental music (Leo Maslíah, Hugo Jasa), and the work of musicians at the intersections of these worlds (Jaime Roos, Mariana Ingold). In América Invertida, ethereal vocal arrangements and acoustic guitars cohabit with synthesizers and drum machines; Candombe and Latin American music form a fellowship with new wave and dream pop. However, the overwhelming musical harvest produced by giant neighbors, Brazil and Argentina, shadowed any attempt for this scene to transcend beyond the local market. It's only now, a few decades later, when some of those records have achieved cult status among a discreet group of collectors that try hard to get hold of those titles, pressed in only tiny numbers at the time. No wonder, the timeless beauty of these songs remains in full effect while retaining the uniqueness of a sound resulting from multiple cultural encounters on the streets of Montevideo. This compilation, América Invertida, reveals part of this hidden world. It veers towards the most experimental side of Uruguayan singer-songwriting of the '80s, both from an acoustic and electronic point of view (with artists who moved between both universes) as well as towards instrumental fusion. A collaboration with Montevideo based label Little Butterfly. Compiled by Spanish DJ and collector Javi Bayo. Extensive liner notes by Uruguayan journalist and music expert Andrés Torrón. Also features Contraviento, Jaime Roos Y Estela Magnone, Eduardo Mateo, and Travesía.



[258.1] Dug Up The Bongo: Post-ambient Guest mix

ウクライナのレーベルDug Up The Bongoに向けてつくったミックスがサウンドクラウドで公開になりました。Dug Up The Bongoは、DJ/プロデューサーDelta Yaroslav(デルタ・ヤロスラフ)が今年新たに立ち上げたプロジェクト。カリブ、アフリカ、ラテンアメリカなどの民族的要素を取り入れたダンス・ミュージックにフォーカスし、作品のリリースや新着トラックのキュレーションを中心に活動されています。7月始めに「Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku」の過去のエピソードを聴いてくれたヤロスラフさんから連絡を受けたことが、今回参加するきっかけになりました。ヤロスラフさん、声をかけてくださりありがとうございました。

happy to share my new mix for Dug Up The Bongo, Ukraine based record label formed by Delta Yaroslav. sincere thanks to d.y. for inviting me to the series and arranging lovely cover art of Blue Rock-thrush.

"Today we go on a trip with a selector from Japan -Tomoyuki Fujii a.k.a Post-ambient. to everyone! to be ready for an exciting journey to the rainbow, after a tropical rain, through an exciting ambient selection.

-I am a music lover living in Niigata city located in the Chūbu region of Japan. I have organized some live concerts and published small handmade music books while working in the local advertising industry as a graphic designer. I have run a small music blog “森と記録の音楽 (Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku)” focusing ambient music since 2007. now I listen to a wider range of music, but still interested in various music that makes me tranquil and listening to all the sounds with a peaceful state of mind. my mix is often not so ambient but always inspired by the tranquillity and intensity of the sea I love and respect."

Dug Up The Bongo
DJs and prod. project with an eclectic material
with a message about tropical ersatz


[258] Golden Ivy - Kläppen

Label: Malmö Inre

Catalog#: MI014
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Sweden
Released: 2019

A1 Kläppen

A2 Kläppen II
A3 Natt & Dag
B1 Delta
B2 Baby Blues
B3 Kont

スウェーデン発ディスコ・レーベル〈Fasaan Recordings〉をPrins Emanuelとともに運営する、マルメ在住のプロデューサーIvar Lantz(イーヴァル・ランツ)のソロ・プロジェクトGolden Ivyのファースト・フルレングスLPが、同地の地下レーベルMalmö Inreからアナウンス。Jon Hassell「第四世界の鼓動」を自らの解釈で拡張させた前作「Monika EP」に続き、本作も自身が操るヴァイオリンとフルートをフィーチャー。アコースティック楽器の放つ繊細な音色に、Roedeliusを思わせる古ぼけた味わいのエレクトロニクス、民族的なエレメントを柔軟に織り交ぜ、スカンジナヴィアの森のスピリットを呼び起こすディープ・エスノを探求。ディスコ〜バレアリックという世界的潮流から自身の心の故郷に遡上してゆくようなフォークロア回帰志向は、Prins Emanuelのフォーク作「Diagonal Musik」にも通じます。今期もっともクワイエット・ヒップな傑作の予感。ヴァイナルのリリース予定日は12月20日。

On his previous album for Malmö Inre - Monika - Ivar Lantz promised us the width of the Scandinavian forests within reach. With this new album, again under the guise of Golden Ivy; a new chapter of that same tale is laid forth. Truly siblings born from the same creative flow, they both stand alone from Lantz’s previous musical endeavors and together to support each other. Kläppen is an epic mellow experience for both the body and the mind. An almost family friendly record for the home stereo system, and yet quietly but daringly explorative of the avant-garde terrain. While the title is identical to an actual place on the map, don’t let that fool you. The word itself is an old Swedish way of describing a hilltop, and can still be heard in local talk to this day. But in the context of this album, it is essentially an imagined place. And it’s important that we all have a place like this to go to. A place where our theta waves oscillate in the right rhythms. With his violin and flute, Lantz have found the right tools to harness these rhythms and carve them into sound waves, guiding us there. Kläppen is, alas, both the trip and the destination. Ouroboros! - Simon Eliasson



[257] Steve Roach - Quiet Music Series

「Quiet Music」は、1983年から1986年にかけて、スティーヴ・ローチが「静けさ」に主眼を置いて制作した楽曲のコレクションです。フルート、エレクトリック・ピアノ、自然音とミックスされたシンセサイザーのやわらかな音色が、呼吸のように流れ、リスナーを持続的で繊細かつ透明な大気で包み込みます。もともと1986年に〈Fortuna Records〉から3本のカセットテープでリリースされたものですが、今回完全なシリーズとして初めてヴァイナルでリイシューされます。1984年に「Structures From Silence」がリリースされた後、スティーヴはロサンゼルスにある瞑想ヨガとヒーリングアートの新興コミュニティから音楽制作の依頼を受けました。「1」は、緑豊かな森林地帯や、野生の花々、自然の静けさといったイメージをフィーチャーした瞑想用ビデオのために制作。しかし、楽曲が完成する頃にはプロデューサーは亡くなり、プロジェクトは完成しませんでした。「1」における明確な環境との直接的な結びつきは、シリーズ全体のトーンを決定づけています。「2」は、スティーヴが長い期間を過ごしてきた砂漠にインスパイアされたもので、「Structures From Silence」の発展形として制作。また、「3」のノクターン的感覚は、スティーヴの個人的なヒーリングの実践のためにデザインされました。これらシリーズは、しばしば直線的なタイムラインでリリースされたものと見られることがありますが、実際は「Now」「Traveler」「Empetus」のようなダイナミックなエレクトロニック・アルバムと並行して作られました。 80年代初期のスティーヴは、シーケンサー・パーカッションを駆使した活力的なサウンドから、無重力空間を漂流するような瞑想的なサウンドへと移行していったのでしょう。この方向性は、当時ロサンゼルスの都市で多忙なペースで生活を送っていたスティーヴの、音響的な意味では一つの場所に留まらず、クリエイティヴで微調整可能な空間で自分自身を養い、落ち着いた再生ゾーンを作りたいという欲求から必然的に生まれたものでした。

Quiet Music is a collection of pieces created by Steve Roach between 1983 and 1986 in respect for silence. The gentle electronics of Roach's synthesizers mix with flute, electric piano and nature sounds flow like breath, enveloping the listener in a sustained, delicate and translucent atmosphere. Quiet Music was originally released as a three tape cassette series in 1986 on Fortuna Records and is now being issued as a complete series on vinyl for the first time ever. After Structures From Silence was released, Steve was receiving invitations to create music for the emerging meditation yoga and healing arts community in Los Angeles. Quiet Music 1 was originally commissioned for a meditation video, which featured a collection of video images of lush forested areas, wild flowers and natural serenity. But by the time the piece was completed the producer passed away and the project was never completed. Quiet Music 1’s direct connection to a distinct environment set the tone for the trilogy of albums. Quiet Music 2 was inspired by Steve spending a lot of time in deserts and was created as a natural progression from Structures From Silence, and the more nocturnal feeling of Quiet Music 3 were pieces designed for Steve’s personal healing practices. The Quiet Music series was released in a timeline that is often seen as linear but this music was created directly along side the dynamic fully electronic albums like Now, Traveler, and Empetus. In the early 80’s Steve would be shifting between the invigorating sequencer-percussive driven music and then move directly into weightless drifts and contemplative spaces. This way of creating grew naturally out of a desire to not settle into one place sonically and to nourish himself with a space that could be creative and fine tuned, creating a calm and renewing zone while living within the hectic pace of urban life in Los Angeles. Quiet Music will be released as three single LPs on January 17th, 2020.