[228.1] reissue / archival

reissue of a new age, ambient crossover album from Cabo Verde
originally released independently in 1986

reissue of a rare private-press spiritual jazz from Washington D.C.
originally released on Glass Wing in 1986

compilation of unknown music from the Dutch cassette culture
originally released on cassettes between 86 and 88

released on vinyl for the first time
originally self-recorded on a 4-track tape recorder in 1984

reissue of a deep late 80's percussion LP from France
created to accompany contemporary jazz-dance classes
originally released on Casa France-Usa in 1989

collection of the best compositions taken from his first two recordings
available on vinyl format for the first time

selection of tracks from the privately pressed albums
'In Human Terms' (1987) and 'Texas Electric' (1989)

first time LP reissue from the original master tapes
originally released on CRETS in 1985

reissue of a great ambient album on vinyl for the first time
original cassette was released on Palace Of Lights in 1983

remastered reissue of the second album of Japan's ambient pioneer duo
originally released on Crescent in 1997


[228] A Short Film About Chilling

イギリスの公共テレビ局チャンネル4で1990年8月に放送された、スペイン・イビサ島のクラブ・カルチャーを題材とするドキュメンタリー番組「A Short Film About Chilling」。Terry Farley、Charlie Chester、Rocky & Diesel、The Farm、808 Stateなど、DJやミュージシャンへのインタビューやライブ映像を交え、ヨーロッパのダンス・ミュージック〜チルアウト・ムーブメントの中心地として隆盛するイビサの姿を捉えた30分。監督は、Creation Records所属のアーティストのMVを手がけたことで知られるAngus Cameron(アンガス・キャメロン)。


St Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Movement 98 - Joy and Heartbreak / Hypnotone - Dreambeam / My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Weatherall Mix) / Lupo - Hell or Heaven / The Source - You Got the Love / Westbam - Hold Me / Back Bocca Juniors - Raise / 808 State - In Yer Face (PA) / The Orb - Huge Evergrowing / Bocca Juniors - Raise / The Orb - Huge Evergrowing / Movement 98 Joy & Heartbreak (Raid Mix I think) / Meat Beat Manifesto - Helter Skelter / JT and the Big Family - Moments In Soul / The Grid - Floatation / The Farm - Groovy Train (PA) / New Fast Automatic Daffs - Big (Baka Mix) / The Shamen - Progen (PA) / Voice of Africa - Hoomba Hoomba / A Man Called Adam - Barefoot in the Head / Primal Scream - Come Together (Weatherall Mix)

A Short Film About Chilling (1990)

Director: Angus Cameron
Production: Kenises Films, Pail Oremland & Kevin Sampson


Remembering the 1990 TV Documentary That Made Everybody Want to Go to Ibiza - VICE
Moments in Love: The History of Chillout Music


[227.1] Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku #8

11月9日に放送されたLYL Radio「Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku」の第8回。今回も特集は組まず、ジャズ・フュージョンやダウンテンポのトラックを中心にチルアウトな気分で2時間選曲しました。楽しんでいただければ幸いです。here is a new mix of deep and slow chill-out music from my LYL Radio show broadcasted last week. it reflects my recent interest and listening. please enjoy!

Michael Pluznick - Rites Of Passage
Yoshiaki Ochi - Ear Dreamin'
Thomas Kessler - Violet Song
Gallo - Sverna
Calm - Oasis
Weird Weather - Bamboo Room (Ormus Mix)
Tony Drake - Cherish
Mouth Music - Hoireann O
Angophora - Set Around
Mårble - Golden Bells
Stevie Be Zet - African Marché
Yoshio Suzuki - The Bagel
Aspects Of Paragonne - Doubtful
Paolo Longo Vaschetto - Ritmi Di Danza
Igor Garšnek & Nevil Blumberg - Loneliness
Jan Akkerman - Cool In The Shadow
Ian O'Brien - Air ~ A Midwestern Night's Dream
Thomas Kessler - Travelling By Flying Carpet
Dizrhythmia - Katy Goes To School
Paul Hunter - Peaceful Morning
Lustral - Everytime (A Man Called Adam's Balearic Remix Dub)


[227] Parallel Worlds - Tonal Paintings

Label: Lost In It

Catalog#: LII002
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Italy
Released: 2018

A1  Tonal Paintings 4  5:49

A2  Utopia  6:36
A3  Blacktime  4:22
A4  Tonal Painting 1  3:24
B1  Sea Dream  5:40
B2  A Dream Whithin A Dream  5:49
B3  Tonal Painting 2  4:48
B4  Evening Rain  4:18

昨年、Franco Nanniのアルバム「Elicoide」を復刻した〈Affordable Inner Space〉とは別に、ローマ拠点のレーベルElectronique.itの傘下に設けられたもう一つのレトロスペクティヴ部門〈Lost In It〉より、ギリシャのアンビエント・プロジェクトParallel Worlds(パラレル・ワールズ)の初期音源集がリリース。Parallel Worldsは、アテネ出身の音楽家Bakis Sirros(バキス・シロス)のソロ名義として1994年に始動。90年代後期から国内のエレクトロニック・ミュージック・シーンで活動し、2003年の「Existence」を皮切りに、これまで国内外の複数のレーベルからソロ・アルバムと、Alio DieやIan Boddyのようなアンビエントの重鎮作家との共作アルバムを発表しています。「Existence」以前、95年から97年にかけて、アテネにあるウェイヴマウンテン・スタジオで多数のアナログシンセやシーケンサーを駆使して制作されたという本作。Klaus SchulzeやPete Namlookなどドイツ勢からの強い影響と同時期のIDM/エレクトロニカをブレンドさせたような、荒涼とした近未来風景とメランコリックな情感を呼び起こすアンビエント・サウンドが全編にわたって展開されています。テクノ/ハウス/ミニマリズムの視点から80-90年代のエレクトロニック・ミュージックを回顧しつつ、意外な音楽家にスポットを当て続ける〈Lost In It〉と〈Affordable Inner Space〉。タイトル数はまだ多くはないですが、今後のリリース展開もかなり気になるレーベルです。

Parallel Worlds’ music is a combination of dreamy/atmospheric textures with pure analogue electronic rhythms and sequences, combining the feel of 70s electronic music with modern electronica and ambient music. For Parallel Worlds, melody is essential, but most important is emotional context. Parallel Worlds are the main project of Bakis Sirros with John Sirros (and some occasional collaborators). They were originally born in 1994, but only after 1998 they started to be a part of the active greek electronic music scene.  Parallel Worlds have collaborated, so far, with established Italian ambient composer Alio Die, with the very well-known UK electronic music master Ian Boddy, and with the music professor Dave Bessell (member of the NODE synth supergroup). Bakis Sirros also participates on some collaboration projects, the project “Interconnected” with the german musician Ingo Zobel (of DRON, Signalform, Self Oscillate, Datasette, etc.), the ambient / experimental project “Memory Geist” with the australian electronica musician Steve Law (of Zen Paradox, Starseed Transmission, Guild Of Fire, etc.). Bakis Sirros has also teached Synthesizer Programming at an (after-high-school) public learning institution and also instructed a Workshop on Analogue Modular Synthesis in Synch Festival 2008.


Leo Anibaldi - Muta (1993/2017)

Franco Nanni - Elicoide (1987/2017)


[226] The 7th Plain - To Be Surreal

Label: General Production Recordings
Catalog#: GENP(X)16
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Country: UK
Released: 1993

X  To Be Surreal

Y1  Convex
Y2  Millentum

UKテクノの重鎮Luke Slater(ルーク・スレーター)の初期プロジェクトThe 7th Plainの第2弾EP。

ベッドルーム・テクノ〜アンビエント・クラシック "To Be Surreal" 収録。