[230] Arsenal - Arsenal-5

Label: Мелодия
Catalog#: C60 31573 000
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: USSR
Released: 1991

A1  Голубоглазый Блюз / Blue Eyed Blues  6:21

A2  Воспоминание Об Атлантиде / Memorize Atlantis  8:37
A3  Живая Вода / Living Water  5:03
B1  Искушение / Temptation  9:00
B2  Загадочный Сон / Mysterious Dream  4:37
B3  Последний Взгляд / Last Glance  7:45

「ロシアのジャズを作り、反乱の精神をもたらした男」と評されるモスクワ出身のサックス奏者/コンポーザーAlexey Kozlov(アレクセイ・コズロフ)が率いるグループArsenal(アーセナル)の通算5枚目となる91年作品。旧ソ連初のジャズロック・バンドとして73年に結成。様々なスタイルを混在させ、80年代中期以降はシンセサイザーを大々的に導入するなど、作品ごとにサウンドを変化させてきたグループですが、本作ではその創造性・実験性を高まりを示すように、静動の対比と空間性を強調した幻想的なサウンドが主調となっています。A面は、ブルージーなギターソロとホーン・セクションを中心としたパワフルなアンサンブルを奏でるA1から、冷たい質感のパッドの上をキーボードやサックスの哀感漂うソロパートが続くA2、ディレイの効いたアコースティック・ギターが余韻豊かに爪弾かれるA3へ。B面は、夜空を浮遊するように各パートがフリーフォームに絡み合うB1から、印象的なシーケンス・フレーズにスペーシーなキーボードのメロディが重なるハイライトB2、コズロフの感動的なサックスソロが舞うB3へ。全編通じてスピリチュアルな音空間、哀愁と静かな情念をたたえたメロディパートの組み合わせが秀逸なアルバムです。



[229.1] Tomoyuki Fujii - SANPO 129

メルボルンを拠点にミックスシリーズとラジオ番組を運営されているSanpo DiscoのRowan Masonさんに声をかけていただき、1時間の新しいミックスをアップロードしていただきました。2015年から更新のたびにチェックし、知らないDJやミュージシャンに出会うのを楽しみにしてきたシリーズ。参加できて本当に光栄に思います。Rowanさんが監修したオーストラリアとニュージーランドのアンビエント・ミュージックの編集盤「Midday Moon」もリリースされたばかり。内容もアートワークも素晴らしいですので、ぜひチェックしてみてください。

I made a 1-hour mix of dreamy folk, tranquil electronic and ambient music for Melbourne-based mix series Sanpo Disco. happy and honor to be a part of them. 
many thanks, Rowan.

Sanpo Disco
mix series and radio show based in Melbourne, Australia


[229] B.J. Smith - From The Ash Promo Mix

B.J. Smith returns to NuNorthern Soul after a short break from his last outing ‘Between Ship and Shore parts 1,2 & 3’ to bring us an incredible selection of audio journeys through ambience. A much in-demand collaborator who excels in both acoustic and electric guitar formats, who has played with the likes of afro-dub disco act Akwaaba, Nuphonic band FUG, Krautrock legend Holger Czukay and is currently a member of Smith & Mudd and White Elephant. He has confounded expectations not only with the versatility of his playing, but in the music he is capable of creating and on the instruments he chooses to do so. Nowhere will that be more apparent than on this, his latest album for NuNorthern Soul.

Produced using a strict recording technique with spontaneous composition at its heart, this album sees B.J. Smith explore an ambient and meditative music he's previously not been known for. Gone are the disco beats and, on many tracks, the percussion altogether in favour of multiple layers of Smith's many instruments. Aside from the assistance on some tracks by a hang drum player, every other sound you hear on this album comes from Smith himself, improvising each live performance, purposefully avoiding loops and samples.
Smith admits that he was listening to 'Ambient 1: Music for Airports' by Brian Eno and featuring Robert Wyatt when he first laid down the initial tracks for the album in 2013. It has taken until now to refine the recordings and for both Smith and NuNorthern Soul to release what stands as a distinct departure for both.

B.J. Smith - From The Ash (NuNorthern Soul, 2019)


[228.1] reissue / archival

reissue of a new age, ambient crossover album from Cabo Verde
originally released independently in 1986

reissue of a rare private-press spiritual jazz from Washington D.C.
originally released on Glass Wing in 1986

compilation of unknown music from the Dutch cassette culture
originally released on cassettes between 86 and 88

released on vinyl for the first time
originally self-recorded on a 4-track tape recorder in 1984

reissue of a deep late 80's percussion LP from France
created to accompany contemporary jazz-dance classes
originally released on Casa France-Usa in 1989

collection of the best compositions taken from his first two recordings
available on vinyl format for the first time

selection of tracks from the privately pressed albums
'In Human Terms' (1987) and 'Texas Electric' (1989)

first time LP reissue from the original master tapes
originally released on CRETS in 1985

reissue of a great ambient album on vinyl for the first time
original cassette was released on Palace Of Lights in 1983

remastered reissue of the second album of Japan's ambient pioneer duo
originally released on Crescent in 1997


[228] A Short Film About Chilling

イギリスの公共テレビ局チャンネル4で1990年8月に放送された、スペイン・イビサ島のクラブ・カルチャーを題材とするドキュメンタリー番組「A Short Film About Chilling」。Terry Farley、Charlie Chester、Rocky & Diesel、The Farm、808 Stateなど、DJ・ミュージシャンへのインタビューやライブ映像を交え、ヨーロッパのダンス・ミュージック〜チルアウト・ムーブメントの中心地として隆盛するイビサの動勢を捉えた30分。監督は、Creation Records所属のアーティストのMVを手がけたことで知られるAngus Cameron(アンガス・キャメロン)。


St Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart / Movement 98 - Joy and Heartbreak / Hypnotone - Dreambeam / My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Weatherall Mix) / Lupo - Hell or Heaven / The Source - You Got the Love / Westbam - Hold Me / Back Bocca Juniors - Raise / 808 State - In Yer Face (PA) / The Orb - Huge Evergrowing / Bocca Juniors - Raise / The Orb - Huge Evergrowing / Movement 98 Joy & Heartbreak (Raid Mix I think) / Meat Beat Manifesto - Helter Skelter / JT and the Big Family - Moments In Soul / The Grid - Floatation / The Farm - Groovy Train (PA) / New Fast Automatic Daffs - Big (Baka Mix) / The Shamen - Progen (PA) / Voice of Africa - Hoomba Hoomba / A Man Called Adam - Barefoot in the Head / Primal Scream - Come Together (Weatherall Mix)

A Short Film About Chilling (1990)

Director: Angus Cameron
Production: Kenises Films, Pail Oremland & Kevin Sampson


Remembering the 1990 TV Documentary That Made Everybody Want to Go to Ibiza - VICE
Moments in Love: The History of Chillout Music