[235.2] Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku #10

3月1日に放送されたLYL Radio「Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku」の第10回。今回は後半の特集は組まず、最近興味が再燃しているフューチャージャズやダウンテンポ、セントギガで知ったスムースジャズのナンバーなど、チルアウトな気分で2時間選曲しました。お楽しみいただければ幸いです。here is a new mix of deep and slow chill-out music from my LYL Radio show broadcasted last week. it reflects my recent interest and listening. please enjoy!

Ryota Nozaki - Nights Over Mars
Fragment Orchestra - Sunlit
Mario Rosini - Jamin
Tom Wolgers - Nature Mort
Merge - Long Distance
Gianluca Mosole - New House
Danny Gottlieb - The Aviary
The Suntwins - The Big Dream
Marcel - Viginti Etduo
Schizophrenia - Schizophrenia (Edit)
Quiet Force - Listen To The Music
Eleventeen Eston - Indian Blue
Zenamon - Palermo 10 A.M.
Mindtrap - Train From Paris
Joseph Shabason - I Thought That I Could Get Away With It
Kuromitsu - Night Fish
Knopha - San
Projections - Luminate Part 2
Jun Sato - 99 Queen's Gate
Acoustic Alchemy - Missing Your Touch
Mario Rosini - Waltz

[235.1] Les Sonntag 005

ミラノ在住のDJ=Giamp Resaglia(ジアンプ・リサグリア)が昨年新たに立ち上げたレーベルLes Giants。そのポッドキャスト「Les Sonntag」にあてて作った1時間のミックスが彼らのミックスクラウドのページで公開になりました。「Les Sonntag」とは、毎回日曜日に配信される「思考とリラクセーションのための音楽」シリーズ。今回、主に80年代後期から90年代初期にかけて日本で制作されたTV・映画のサウンドトラックやヒーリングのための音楽から、夏の終わりの一日をイメージして選曲してみました。
Les Giantsは第1弾タイトルとして、昨年10月にK. Leimer(ケリー・レイマー)の83年作「Music For Land And Water」をヴァイナルでリイシュー。今後もブラジルの打楽器奏者によるレアタイトルのリイシューほか、伝統音楽、実験音楽、アンビエント・ミュージックを中心としたリリースが計画されているとのことです。Giampさん、声をかけてくださりありがとうございました。

this mix is called "Deep Blue", a name associated with one beautiful track of the set. it was selected from music for movie, television, or relaxation, mostly written between the late '80s and the early '90s in Japan. an out-of-season, late summer mix. please enjoy!

S.R.Kinoshita - Blue
Soichi Noriki - キッチン 満月 (Kitchen/Full Moon)
Shinsuke Honda - 海辺の散策者 (A Walk By The Seaside)
Mwto Hiroo - Colors Of Tide
Akira Mitake - 冷艶の窓辺 (Frosty Beautiful Window)
Takahiko Ishikawa - ブランコの思い出 (Memories Of A Swing)
Toshifumi Hinata - Broken Belief
Mitsuhiro Nagano - 樹雫 (Water Drops On Trees)
Junichi Kamiyama & La Muse d'etoile - レチクル座 (Reticulum)
Yuriko Nakamura - 水平線のむこうに (Far Beyond The Horizon)
Tomoyuki Hayashi - ディープ・ブルー (Deep Blue)
Shinsuke Honda - 晩夏 (Late Summer)

Les Giants

Record label based in Milan
run by Giamp Resaglia & Davide Croc O'dile Darke
www.lesgiants.com / facebook


[235] va Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Africa Continent

Label: Unexplained Sounds Group
Catalog#: USG052
Format: CD, Album, Compilation
Country: Italy
Released: 2019

1  FRKTL - Hverfa af himni heiðar stjörnur  4:54

2  Abdellah M. Hassak - 7 Heavens  4:42
3  Ahmed Saleh - Right Side  4:23
4  Victor Gama - A Luta Inicia  3:08
5  Eryck Abecassis - Cascades  5:54
6  Healer Oran - TaP{-  3:03
7  Mehdi Halib - E IX  3:15
8  Abdellah M. Hassak - Yearnings Complacency (feat Aziz Nadif)  4:58
9  In_o - (J. Krishnamurti)  7:43
10  Eryck Abecassis - Mailles  6:25
11  Victor Gama - Second Movement. Kalian Mode  5:44
12  Nur - Mediterranean  4:20
13  1§ÅdØrÅ dµ§+m1+(∑) jµnk - +cage-(overhaul.075-=-gives-you-6)solution#2to-kill-hurts  4:00
14  AMET - Imposer Le Savoir  5:41

African music is as diverse as the topography of the land itself, and is said to be comprised of literally thousands of different styles of music. But many experts of regional music tend to separate African music into two distinct groups: North African Music, which is strongly Arabic and Islamic in nature, and Black African music, or that which is centralized in the Western, Central and Sub Saharan regions of Africa. So many iconic Western musicians have incorporated African instrumentation, ideas and ideals into their music.And ultimately there is an almost infinite variety of music forms, most of which, on some level, have been produced as a result of African music, or influenced by it. Whether Western instruments have evolved from ancient African models, or whether we have adopted our knowledge in terms of rhythms and cross rhythms, various scalic patterns, and the basic evolution of melody and harmony, Western music undoubtedly owes an immeasurable debt of gratitude to the African peoples for their wisdom, insight and creativity. During recent decades we've witnessed more and more of the inverse phenomenon, with African musicians absorbing styles and trends developed in Western countries, so that at last the circle has closed. Finally, then, we can embark on our "unexplained sounds" journey into Mother Africa.

Edited by ©Unexplained Sounds Group 

Curated and mastered by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst) 
Design: Francesco Di Stasio 



[234.1] Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku #9

1月4日に放送されたLYL Radio「Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku」の第9回。後半1時間は米ニューエイジ・ミュージックの草分け的レーベルWindham Hill Recordsの創始者でありギタリスト/作曲家/プロデューサー、William Ackerman(ウィリアム・アッカーマン)によるアコースティックなインストゥルメンタル・サウンドにスポットを当て、83年「Past Light」から98年「Sound Of Wind Driven Rain」まで5枚のリーダー・アルバムから選曲してお送りしました。Windham Hillサウンドにインスパイアされた前半とあわせて、お楽しみいただければ幸いです。

here is the latest episode of my LYL Radio show. the second hour is a special feature on the acoustic instrumental sound of William Ackerman who is an American guitarist, composer, record producer and founder of celebrated new age music label Windham Hill Records. I have selected tracks from his five solo albums released between 1983 and 1998. please enjoy!

Erik Wøllo - Hjallepallo
Karsten Brustad - Eve
Peter Maunu - Broken Blossoms
Paul McCandless - Cloudy This Morning
Fred Simon - That Fall
Conrad Praetzel - Harlequinade
Shur-I-Kan - Awakenings
Schönherz & Scott - Gold Or Ivory Or Purple
Mark Isham - The Invitation
Nobukazu Takemura - Pastral Waltz
Michael Whalen - Close Your Eyes, The Right Approaches
Altocamet - Triste Calor (Wechsel Garland Remix)
Alieno De Bootes - Giorni Di Vento (Edit)
William Ackerman - Shape Of The Land
William Ackerman - Region Of Clouds
William Ackerman - Dawn Treader
William Ackerman - Big Thing In The Sky (For Jess)
Will Ackerman - Bahia, Nebraska
William Ackerman - Synopsis
Will Ackerman - A Child's Song
Will Ackerman - Mr. Jackson's Hat
Will Ackerman - Santos And The Well-Traveled Bear
Will Ackerman - I Know This River
William Ackerman - Innocent Moon
William Ackerman - The Prospect Of Darrow's Barn And The Blossoms Of An Apple Spring On Imaginary Road ~ Darrow's Barn Version II (Edit)
Will Ackerman - Sound Of Wind Driven Rain


[234] Takao - Stealth

Label: EM Records

Catalog#: EM1180CD
Format: CD, Album
Country: Japan
Released: 2018

1  Stealth  2:28

2  Water Music  3:23
3  Boat  4:26
4  Matsura  1:17
5  Ama Nita  2:31
6  Trode  1:54
7  Crystal Tunnel  1:49
8  Bird Ensemble  2:39
9  Ce La  2:36
10  Wet Dry World  1:44
11  Secret Town  2:29
12  Song of Time  1:47
13  Sweet Dreams  4:11

何よりも鮮烈なエレクトロ・アコースティック・コンポジション。ネット空間に生成された音楽土壌に育まれた新世代の才能、Takaoが発表する脅威のデビュー・アルバム。濱瀬元彦、武満徹、新津章夫、ヤン富田、Sean McCann等々に影響を受けたと率直に語るタカオだが、これら先達に新旧有名無名の区別はなく、ただアクセスした特定の作品が作家の創作意欲を突き動かしたのみで、そこから得たインスピレーションを衒いなく定着させたのがこの『Stealth』だ。ゆえに『ステルス』は作曲の楽しさと想像性に溢れ、心地よい美しさと、聴き込めば現れる意想外の深さが同居している点で近年まれに見る(感じる)存在感をもつ。1年半かけて仕上げたという『Stealth』は13曲で33分(!)この流儀の作風にしては異端的な短さで、なおかつひとつとして同じ体裁の曲がないにもかかわらず、シームレスな環境音楽的体験ができる。それは装丁にあるような晴れた日の海の表情を映し出しているかのようだ(※写真はTakao自身が湘南で撮影したもの)。控えめだがこだわり抜いたタカオの音感覚にも注目。この末恐ろしい才能には今後も目が離せない。

“Stealth” is certainly an apt title for this disarming collection of crypto-New Age. From its opening, one might be forgiven for assuming that what follows is a tableau of digital disruption, and noise in one of its less offensive iterations. However, Takao instead presents a rich and detailed tapestry of compositions that take New Age affectations, fashioning them into something far grander. There’s a penchant for the naïve, the more garish of digital instruments in the vein of James Ferraro – but importantly, Takao steers away from submitting to gestures themselves naïve or garish, opting instead to focus attention to a more nuanced, delicate style. Indeed, a more intrinsic tradition to posit “Stealth” as an inheritor of would be the Impressionism of Debussy, or even Satie, with Takao’s approach drawing light and composure from his instruments at their most bare and unadorned. Ever so pleasing and atmospheric, “Stealth” is remarkably affecting in its subtlety. - Nico Niquo