[211.1] reissue / archival

Lorad Group ‎– Sul Tempo [Lily Record, Italy]
issued on vinyl for the first time
original CD was released on the same label in 1988

re-mastered reissue of minimalist piano masterpiece
originally released on Kuckuck in 1984

a lost US new age, ambient, synth classic
issued on vinyl for the first time
original cassette was released on Eastern Sun Music in 1987

re-mastered reissue of a lost ambient cosmic gem
from Liquid Liquid founding member
originally released as part of a new age cassette series in the '80s

expanded new mix of 1975 electronic biomusic opus
original vinyl version was released on Round Records

re-mastered reissue of the first minimalist recordings released in Portugal
composed and performanced by Jorge Lima Barreto and Vítor Rua
originally released on Cliché Musica in 1983

reissue of his two early albums for the first time on double LP
originally released on General Music and Cpds in 1985

Didier Bocquet - Eclipse [Cameleon Records, France]
reissue of French kosmische electronic gem
originally released on Le Kiosque D'Orphée in 1977

Chilean electronic music composer's earliest album
issued on vinyl for the first time
including bonus tracks taken from unreleased cassette "Espiritus"
original cassette was self-released in 1983

compilation of recordings in her home studio between 1982 and 1997
double gatefold LP, re-mastered DMM pressing


[211] Prins Emanuel - Diagonal Musik

Label: Music For Dreams

Catalog#: -
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Denmark
Released: 2018

A1 Orön

A2 Lindholmarna
A3 Bastun
A4 I Skyn
B1 Jordkällaren
B2 Sommarrummet
B3 Vinden
B4 Lertaget

スウェーデン・マルメのDJ/プロデューサーPrins Emanuel(プリンス・エマニュエル)のセカンド・フルレングスLPが、デンマーク・コペンハーゲンを拠点とするバレアリック名門Music For Dreamsからアナウンス。マルチ奏者としての力量を発揮した前作「Arbete / Fritid」のディスコ・グルーヴから一転して、自身の操るアコースティック・ギターを全編にわたってフィーチャーした本作。家族や友人たちとともに暮らす田舎町Orön、かつてはデンマーク領だったスコーネ地方の風景を描いた、オーガニックなフォーキー・アルバムに仕上げられています。A4 "I Skyn" はLaraajiへのトリビュート。ヴァイナルのリリース予定日は8月24日。

The young virtuoso producer Prins Emanuel follows up his acclaimed debut album on Music For Dreams with something quite different than what we’re used to hearing from him. While Arbete & Fritid was an epic odyssey into the furthest corners of disco with an array of studio wizardry and complex rhythms, Diagonal Musik is a sparse and delicate exploration of the acoustic guitar. Steering away from his comfort zone, the Prins follows his intuition for experimentation and lands somewhere in a field of genre-defiant folk-jazz meditations; a development that fits like hand in glove for the eccentric nature of Music For Dreams.

The album reads like a soundtrack to the country house Emanuel shares with his family and friends, a place on the map called Oran. From atop a hillside overlooking a lake, Oran is lodged deep in the heart of the Skåne landscape, the southern part of Sweden that once belonged to Denmark. This place encompasses the whole of the album, as the track titles all pinpoint crucial locations on the courtyard and its surroundings. “Orön” which opens the album is named after the small island that sits in the centre of the lake. There’s the hand-built sauna (“Bastun”) at the edge of the yard, and behind that in a slope the old root cellar (“Jordkällaren”).
While the nature here is anything but balearic, the overwhelming calm of the country life seems to inspire the same laid back attitude and passion for all things organic (and not just musically, as this is where Emanuel also makes cider from local apples according to the vin naturel school).
Upon listening to Diagonal Musik one might be keen to draw references to works in similar style, such as the output of late 80’s new age label Windham Hill or the dreamy lullabies of long-time friend and Music For Dreams affiliate 55 Cancri e. This is all circumstantial however, surprising as it may seem. While Prins Emanuel’s previous output has showcased a versatile mixture of styles all relying on a multi-instrumentalist approach, the idea to limit his use to only one instrument for a concept album has been lingering on his mind for some time. The fact that the acoustic guitar is one of the most recognisable instruments in Western musical history will surely open up for a myriad of associations, but this has little to do with the methods behind this album.
Functioning as a kind of tabula rasa, Emanuel would only let the instrument itself act as his guide towards the outcome of these songs. The title of the album in turn refers to the quite avant garde method of composing he developed to lead the way forward. Instead of employing a traditional song structure, the diagonal approach would entail that if started at one point he would then go directly to the farthest point in the process. Something akin to drawing only shadows and then finishing with the contours.
Whether or not this experimental aspect of the album is a key factor to understanding and appreciating it is entirely up to the listener however. While it may be diagonal music, it is also just simply beautiful music. - Simon Eliasson


[210] Matteo Nasini - Sparkling Matter

Label: Yard Press

Catalog#: YP002
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Italy
Released: 2018

A Sparkling Matter 19:40

B Sparkling Matter 16:36

写真、立体物、インスタレーションなどの作品を制作しているローマ在住の美術作家Matteo Nasini(マテオ・ナシーニ)。2016年からミラノのギャラリー、ローマ国立近代美術館、ヴェネツィア・ビエンナーレで巡演してきた、眠る人の脳波を音に変換するコンサート「Sparkling Matter」に基づくドキュメント作品が、同じくローマを拠点とするYard Pressから出版。コンサート会場で展示された造形作品、美術評論家Davide Daninos(ダヴィデ・ダニノス)と本人によるテキストなどを掲載した36ページのブックレットが付属。

「深い睡眠とそれを取り巻くミステリーを観察するために、『Sparkling Matter』における音楽の作曲・構成は、心が自由に夢を見るときの形式不明な『考える行為』に全て託されています。この未知なるものの終わりのない調査は、多様な意識の状態に声を与えました。脳の電気化学活性をモニターするために14個の電極が使用され、それぞれ独立した信号を変換ソフトウェアに送ることができます。これらのプログラムは、リアルタイムで脳波データをオーディオ・ソフトウェアによって認識可能な信号に変換し、それを音声に翻訳します。」(マテオ・ナシーニ)

In order to observe deep sleep and the mystery surrounding it, in Sparkling Matter the musical composition has completely been delegated to the act of thinking in its more unknown form, when the mind is free to dream. This open-ended exploration of the unknown gave voice to the diverse states of consciousness. Fourteen electrodes have been used to monitor the electrochemical activity of the brain. Each one of them is able to send an independent signal to a conversion software. These programs transform, in real time, the encephalogram data into signals recognizable by an audio software, which translates them into sound. - Matteo Nasini



[209] Ssaliva - Unplugged Vol. 1

Label: Jj funhouse

Catalog#: JJ016
Format: CD, Album
Country: Belgium
Released: 2018

1 Backfire 1:53

2 Ever Since 1:54
3 Fall W Me 1:40
4 Fin2feather 2:15
5 Radiant 1:09
6 Scattered 1:30
7 Seeker 1:51
8 Shard 3:02
9 Slay 1:39
10 Ssfx 2:15
11 Unplugged 3 2:12

Vlek、Ramp Recordings、Leaving Records、Eksterなどの良質レーベルからCupp Cave(カップ・ケイヴ)やSsaliva(サリヴァ)の名義でソロ作品をコンスタントにリリースし、OPN以降の異形エレクトロニカ〜ポスト・インターネット時代のムードに接合する音楽性で、現行エレクトロニック・シーンにおいて頭角を現してきたベルギーのプロデューサーFrançois Boulanger(フランソワ・ブランジェ)。Ssaliva名義の最新作となる本作は、蒸気で埋め尽くされたシンセ・アンビエンスや液体的なエレクトロニック・ビート、フェネスを彷彿とさせるグリッチ・ノイズなど、これまでの作品を形成していた装飾要素の一切を排して、ナイロン弦ギター風のアレンジによる朴訥としたサウンドに徹し、そのメランコリアの骨格を露にしてみせる新境地「アンプラグド・シリーズ」の第一弾。不気味なほどの生暖かいギターの爪弾きに物悲しいストーリーがじんわりと滲んでくるような、シンプルでありつつもただならぬ含みも感じさせる味わい深い作品です。

This is the first volume in ssaliva's unplugged series. This first volume contains 11 synthetic vignettes, a very stripped back affair, much more then we are used of this ever so elegant master of layering and kingpin of the lighter kind of electronic lasagna, digesting the latest flavors long before they get stale. Not on this one though. These are more skeletons of pop songs, bare and glassy, played on a fake nylon-stringed koto for an imaginary court of internet angels.



[208] Luciano Cilio, Girolamo De Simone - I Nastri Ritrovati

Label: Konsequenz

Catalog#: KNZ018
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Italy
Released: 2018

A1 I Nastri Ritrovati #1 12:24

A2 I Nastri Ritrovati #2 5:26
A3 I Nastri Ritrovati #3 1:07
A4 I Nastri Ritrovati #4 7:07
A5 I Nastri Ritrovati #5 3:04
B1 I Nastri Ritrovati #6 1:12
B2 I Nastri Ritrovati #7 2:59
B3 I Nastri Ritrovati #8 3:03
B4 I Nastri Ritrovati #9 0:25
B5 I Nastri Ritrovati #10 8:03
B6 I Nastri Ritrovati #11 1:08
B7 I Nastri Ritrovati #12 1:40
B8 I Nastri Ritrovati #13 3:18
B9 Untitled 0:41
listen sample

クラシック、現代音楽、プログレッシヴ・ロック、フォーク、非西洋音楽などの影響から、触れると壊れそうなほど繊細で美しいアコースティック小編成によるミニマリズム・サウンドを独学で切り拓くも、1983年に33歳の若さで自死したナポリ出身の作曲家/マルチ奏者Luciano Cilio(ルチアーノ・シリオ)。Jim O'Rourkeによるレコメンドや音響派以降の再評価によりイタリア・アバンギャルド史に刻まれる孤高の名作として世に知られるようになった77年唯一作「Dialoghi Del Presente(現在の対話)」以前の、75-76年にレコーディングされていた未発表曲が、シリオのコラボレーターであり、長年シリオ研究に尽力してきたピアニスト/作曲家/音楽学者Girolamo De Simone(ギロラモ・デ・シモン)の手により初音盤化。

I Nastri Ritrovati, assembled through extensive, devoted work by the pianist, theorist, and composer Girolamo De Simone, draws on a little know body of work created by Cilio in the years leading up to his work on Dialoghi Del Presente. The LP, carefully curated by De Simone from sprawling archival recordings taken from a reel-to-reel tape by Eugenio Fels, offers a crucial window into the composer’s evolving thinking and creative impulses - equally beautiful and ambitious, while forming an arguably more direct and raw image, never before heard. Incredible, stripped back recordings of Cilio on sitar, an instrument he loved and studied in India, as well as his stunning, signature guitar playing, at times embracing raga guitar modes, a horn choir, concrete' electronics, and a great deal more. This is what archival LPs (with an amazing cover by Fabio Donato) should always be - reinforcing and rethinking everything we know in a single breath.


I nastri inediti di Luciano Cilio. Intervista con Girolamo De Simone - Blogfoolk


[207.1] Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku #6

昨年9月より隔月2時間枠で担当してきたLYL Radio「Mori To Kiroku No Ongaku」。2017-18シーズン最後の回が7月5日に放送されました。前半はフリーセレクション、後半は東京出身の作曲・編曲家=菅谷昌弘さんを特集しました。

昨冬、新潟市にある芸術文化施設・砂丘館で「村のひろがり・私の奥行き 村の肖像Ⅳ」という展覧会がひらかれ、幸いにも菅谷さんご本人にお会いすることができました。その展覧会は、福島県金山町に住む2人の写真家=角田勝之助さんと榎本千賀子さんが記録してきた過去・現在の「かねやま」の映像を中心に、蔵の2階では菅谷さんによる奥会津地域の音を素材とした8チャンネルのミュージック・コンクレート作品「ここにいる」が設えられ、時代とともに変遷してきた金山町の姿を視覚・聴覚の2つの側面から捉えた、充実した展示内容でした。会期中にはギャラリートークが2度設けられ、私が訪ねた日には写真家の榎本千賀子さん、菅谷昌弘さんの話しを聞くことができました。自分が知るパパ・タラフマラの音楽とは直接関係ないとはいえ、菅谷さんの街・文化・音に対する視点、そのお人柄から、それまで漠然と聴き感じてきた音楽の不思議な魅力の源となる何かが少しばかり垣間見えるような、貴重な機会になりました。
最後に、番組を支えてくれたLYL Radioのクルー、英語を直してくれたアキ、そして各回聴いてくださった皆さまへ。短い間でしたが本当にありがとうございました。また機会があればこのような番組にもチャレンジしてみたいと思います。

the final episode of my LYL Radio show was broadcasted on July 5th. the first hour is free selection. the second hour is dedicated to Japanese composer Masahiro Sugaya, focusing on his works for the performing arts company Pappa TARAHUMARA.

Sugaya was born in Tokyo, and currently he is based in Tokyo and Kaneyama. he began to present his contemporary music works at concerts in the early 1980s when he was a student at Tokyo College of Music. after completing the master class of the college, he has been working on composing for various media including stage, contemporary art, video, television and radio play, and also working on arrangement of acoustic guitar duo GONTITI's music over many years. in particular, he has been known for joining to Pappa TARAHUMARA from 1987 to 2000. the company was founded by the director Hiroshi Koike in 1982, together with fellow students from Hitotsubashi University. they utilized dance, play, music, and installation art as to present theatre arts, and was internationally celebrated for its highly conceptual multidisciplinary productions. Sugaya had composed and directed all musical activities of the company for 14 years, and explored the possibility of music on the stage along company's creative process. he had took a flexible approach for each work, and the works are characterized by his unique method to disassemble existing music and reconstruct its elements into new musical form, sometimes combining different elements, sometimes focusing on simple element. his inventive and unclassifiable music give me a lot of imagination.
last winter, I fortunately met him in a photograph exhibition held at an Arts and cultural facility Sakyukan in Niigata where I live. the exhibition featured past and present pictures of Kaneyama town, Fukushima prefecture, taken by two photographers living the town, and also 8-channel music concrete works made with the environment sounds of Kaneyama by Masahiro Sugaya. it was so exciting day for me to experience his music concrete works and listen to his talk. Sugaya have organized a concert series called "Idobatabeya" for each audience to listen at the center of the circled multi-channel audio systems, and he has presented new multi-channel works about once a year since 2001 after leaving Pappa TARAHUMARA.
this mix was selected from his works composed and performed from the late 1980's to mid 1990's. his several works for the company are now available at online digital media stores. and I am happy to say that more works will be released there. moreover, he is currently working on the compilation project of his early works. I am thankful to Sugaya-san for the music and our encounter, Aki and LYL Radio crew for supporting me for a year, and everyone listening to my show.

Another Fine Day - Lazy Daisy (Big Chill Classics Remix)
Land of Light - Presence Of The Past
André Groote & Roy Kuschel - Het Yin En Yang Van De Chaos
Mo Foster - So Far Away
Thomas Kessler Group - Song For Å.
Wind Machine - Summer Flight
Martin Kolbe, Ralf Illenberger, Wolfgang Dauner - Damals
John Themis - Free Fall
Barry Coates & The Hats - Hover Craft
Tim Timmermans & Skipper Wise - Five Mountains
Dancing Fantasy - Fata Morgana
Carioca - Before You Go
Gontiti - このうえない困りもの
Masahiro Sugaya - 空にとけるサーカス
Masahiro Sugaya - On The Railway (Excerpt)
Masahiro Sugaya - The Blowing Brush
Masahiro Sugaya - ミストラル
Masahiro Sugaya - Time Lag-Time (Excerpt)
Masahiro Sugaya - Tessa (Excerpt)
Masahiro Sugaya - Uta (Excerpt)
Masahiro Sugaya - 青
Masahiro Sugaya - 世界の果てまで
Masahiro Sugaya - 風の会話